Corporate Identity CRIC by BANG!

The logo

The leaf as the focal point of our logo helps us in a simple, visual manner to understand the realm of leaves as a vital part of the importance of life-supporting transformation processes.

The texture of the image accompanying the acronym binds the leaf as a part of the tree that coexists with the whole, in which the main sphere is linked to a complementary sphere which reflects the positive interaction between the parts (physician – patient, pharmaceutical firm – researcher, etc.). Balance and closeness are part of the elements present to establish the philosophy of the service offered by the Center.

The intensity of the color application simultaneously presents the warmth, the transparency, and the essence permeating the quality and service offered by the CRIC.

The typography, clean and classic, recovers the spirit of trust, direct dealing, and commitment that the Center offers to companies, researchers, and patients to maintain internationally valid good medical practice as a priority that takes into consideration a person´s integrity, in the sense that the medical tradition fostered it in its origins.

The preponderance of the acronym dominating the logo´s proposal establishes a leadership position in the city by projecting the CRIC as a cutting-edge option and by allowing us to capture the national and international perception that identifies it as a gateway into the market through a city that has an advanced medical and clinical level.

logo oficial CRIC



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